What is Sulge?
Sulge is a mobile minable automated market-making DEX, that uses an advanced technology to allow users mine SUG on their phone without draining their battery.

What is a DEX?

A DEX is a Decentralized Exchange where there is no central organization holding user funds. Trades are handled automatically by blockchain smart contracts and user wallets. In Sulge Ecosystem, the DEX uses an on-chain Autonomous Market Maker to handle trades. There is no counterparty and/or counterparty risk.
What is SugMiner?
SugMiner is an app that uses an advanced technology to allow users mine SUG in the cloud using a mobile phone. It doesn't drain your phone battery, use your network data, or even affect the performance of your phone.
How does SugMiner work?
It uses proof of significance (POS) Mechanism to dynamically allocate SUG to member nodes depending on their significance.
What is Proof of significance (POS)?
Some crypto like Bitcoin uses proof of Work which involves burning energy, while others uses Proof of stake that work by selecting validators in proportion to their quantity of holdings in the associated cryptocurrency. SugMiner uses proof of significance which involves calculating how important each member node is to the network. The more relevant a node is, the more Sulge it can mine.
Is SugMiner Decentralized?
No SugMiner is centralized.
Why is SugMiner Centralized?
At this early stage, we decided to centralize it to curb multiple mining by one person and other frauds. As we implements more features, we will gradually decentralized it, according to the road map.
Is mining Sulge free?
Mining Sulge is free, you don't need to invest any money to mine Sulge. All you need to do is signup on the app, after that, login and click mine.
Can I open multiple accounts?
No, opening multiple accounts is cheating and cheating is not allowed, it may result in a ban.
How do I mine more Sulge?
You can mine more Sulge by increasing the mining rate of your node, you can boost your mining rate by inviting more friends and family to join the community with your referral code. You can also purchase an advanced node with high mining rate.
Can I use my phone for other things while mining?
Yes, SugMiner uses an advanced technology to mine Sulge in the cloud for you, it doesn't drain your battery nor use any of your phone features. You do not even need to leave the app open.
Can I withdraw my Sulge to external wallet?
Yes, Sulge is a BEP-20 Token, you can withdraw it and store in any wallet that support BEP-20 Token.
NOTE: We will update our FAQ once we launch SugSwap, please check back.
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