20% APY Bonus
How to earn 20% APY just for holding SUG in your wallet.
You can earn as much as 20% APY for just holding SUG in your wallet. The steps below while guide you on how to activate it using your SugMiner account.
i: You must have connected your wallet to SugMiner before activating it.
ii: Make sure you have SUG in your wallet.
iii. You must not transfer your SUG out of your wallet until you unstake, the miner scans your connected wallet randomly, twice a day. Once it detect that you moved your SUG, your earnings will be reversed.
iv: You can unstake anytime you like and stake as much you like.
v: The minimum you can stake is 500 SUG, there's no maximum.
Step 1: Open your SugMiner App or visit https://miner.sulge.org. Click on Stake button.
Step 2: On the staking page, read the terms and click Accept.
Step 3: After clicking accept, the miner will scan your connected wallet and will show you the amount of token you have in your wallet. Note that you can only staked all the amount in the wallet. If you don't want to stake all, move some out of the wallet before starting the process. Click on stake button to stake.
Step 4: After clicking stake, you will see a pop-up that will show you whether you staking was successful. You will also see the total amount you staked and the number of token you have earned.
Step 5: When you are okay with the amount you have earned or wants to make use of your SUG, click unstake to transfer your earned amount to your balance.
Step 6: After clicking unstake, you will see a pop-up that will show that you have successfully unstake. The total amount you earned will be automatically added to your balance. Note that you can unstake and stake as much as you like.
That's it, you will continue earning as long as you hold your SUG in your wallet. You can start the process again, how many times you like.
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