Sulge Overview
First Mobile Minable Automated Market-Making DEX.
Note: We have four (4) major projects in Sulge Ecosystem, namely SugMiner, SugSwap, SugLoan and SugNFT. We will introduce all according the the roadmap. This document covers mostly SugMiner, we will update it once we launch SugSwap.


Many heard about cryptocurrency, few invested early enough. Today many have joined, but the few that joined earlier controls it, Sulge is recreating the beginning, to enable everyone, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in cryptocurrency.
Sulge is an automated market-making DEX that rewards users just for holding SUG on their wallet. It's also mobile minable and uses an advanced technology to allow users mine cryptocurrencies on their mobile phone without any chance of draining their battery. It uses the proof of significance (POS) Mechanism to dynamically allocate cryptocurrencies to member nodes depending on their significance Anyone with mobile phone can mine, stake and own Sulge. No need for supercomputers.
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